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Weight Watchers

Apr. 23rd, 2008 | 11:00 am

I joined with my mom a couple of weeks ago. Last week I lost 2 tenths of a pound.This week I was all worried cause I have my period.I was so sure I didn't lose any weight.I LOST 3.4LBS!!!!!!! How awesome is that! I feel great.

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I hate this

Apr. 10th, 2008 | 06:46 am
mood: sicksick

I have been feeling sick since tuesday. I feel dizzy.My head hurts. I am having stomach problems. Plus I think I am getting a little bit of a cold. I'm so upset.I wanted to go to the April thing.I wanted to see everyone.It's been so long. I made the mistake of staying at my parents last night.So now I have to take the train home. I hope I don't have to get off at any point but my stop.

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(no subject)

Apr. 5th, 2008 | 07:13 pm
music: Fugazi "stacks"

I haven't written in here in awhile. I have been thinking latel.I miss people.I want to start hanging out.

My Paternal Grandfather died.I just found out last night.I never really knew him.I wrote him some letters when I was younger. He wrote back.Then I met him when I was 16. I feel stupid, but I cried. I just don't understand why. I didn't even really know him! I just feel really bad for my dad.They stopped speaking years ago. The way my mom explained it once him and my grandma got divorced he divorced the kids.

I just don't want to go through my life like that.Not talking to people and then something so final happens and I can't resolve it. :( I'm still really upset. And they're not even having a service for him.

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Feb. 5th, 2008 | 12:12 pm

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Brooklyn Hookers Unite!

Jan. 30th, 2008 | 03:12 pm

Hey everyone.I have created a crochet group. If you live in the areas that are on the group, Join if you already know how to crochet and if you want to learn how to crochet! I am starting this group because I love crochetting and I want to share the fun with others who also love it! It will eventually have a certain day where we all get together at someone's house to have a crochet night!



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My Halloween Costume

Oct. 9th, 2007 | 08:59 pm
mood: tiredtired

I even got a blonde curly wig

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That's it

Sep. 17th, 2007 | 01:26 pm
mood: annoyedannoyed

I give up.

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If you missed the show last night....

May. 27th, 2007 | 12:34 pm

No worries.They'll be doing a show every year in April,Cause that's when her Birthday was. Also you can send donations to Thersa. Her myspace is myspace.com/thersa. Also she is still selling pins they are $1-$2. Contact her! The money goes to the April Ann Arcuri scholarship fund. The more you send the big the scholarship fund will get, then the person who recieves the scholarship will get that much more of an education.

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Benifit Show For April Arcuri.COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

May. 22nd, 2007 | 12:49 pm

taken from dave (the booker of the benefit):

THE MEAN FIDDLER on 47th St. just East of 8th Ave. will host the first annual rock benefit for THE APRIL ANN ARCURI MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND.......
This coming Saturday, May 26th.
We have gathered the best new female fronted bands to make this powerful statement of affectionate support for the fund and the family of our friend, April who died in an auto accident in December, 2006.
I will continue with the history after I give you the details of the show.
Denise Gerardi has jumped on board to help promote this event.
We will start early and stay until everyone gets what they came for.

LETALIS at 7:15
AFTER DAWN at 9:30
JEN URBAN & THE BOX at 11:45
and we finish up with MAHOGANY.

The Long Island based, female rock band MURR played a string of shows for us in 2004, 2005, and early in the year 2006 at CBGB's, The Continental, Pianos, Arlene's Grocery and The Munchaba Lounge. We all became fast friends.
Band members; April (drums), her Sister - Jeanine (vocals), Theresa (bass) and Christina (guitar) always came to shows with their self-appointed Manager, Jason, and the roadies......Al (Step-Dad) and Rosemary (Mom) in tow. The girls were friends in High School and had played together for several years doing shows on Long Island before eventually making their mark at rock clubs in Manhattan. Murr could playfully entertain...and....rock your ass.... all at the same time.
In mid-2006 we asked the band to do a show at Pianos for Kipp's Birthday. They declined, citing April's need to focus on her studies in an effort to graduate early with her Masters Degree by December.
Later in the year we asked if they wanted to be special guests at Meanyfest...and again...they declined.
On Christmas Eve, Jason called, saying that April and Jeanine were rehearsing... that they were ready to return to the stage and wanted us to look into getting some dates for them in 2007. He told me that April had walked in her cap and gown and received her Masters on December 10th. Of course my emphatic answer was "yes"!!
Then on December 31, Jason called again with the heartbreaking news that April had died as the result of injuries she suffered in an auto accident. At the wake I became aware of the formation of the Scholarship Fund in her name. I knew immediately that we would be doing this fundraiser and it is my hope that we continue to do them every year... on a date near April's birthday.
So...that's it for now. Spread the word and bring your friends. See you next week.

Check out this event: April Memorial Benefit Concert
Hosted By:
When: Saturday May 26, 2007
at 8:00 PM
The Mean Fiddler
New York, NY 10001
United States

Click Here To View Event

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Ear infections suck

Mar. 28th, 2007 | 03:30 pm
mood: sadsad

Well I have an ear infection. I will be taking advil cold & Sinus along with augmenton(sp?) bah! as long as the pain goes away by tomorrow I don't care.Also I am glad they are not contagious! They are awful!

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